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Science proves the lessons you have been taught about how to train your dog are WRONG!

Aggressive compliance based dog training techniques are ripping apart two legged and four-legged family members all across the country.

I’m here to show you a new school of thought about how to train your dog that is based on the same care based methods we humans use to train our own offspring to be their very best (dogs are not so different from us, as you will learn).

YES, it IS possible to

Get unruly, even downright mean dogs to settle down with a soft touch and a gentle smile – WHEN you use the right dog training techniques.

You can also “train without training” and instead become the loving partner and guide that your dog wants you to be and build a bond and connection with them as if you were their mother or father.

how to train your dog

• No Clickers

• No Prong Collars Or Shock Collars

• No Intimidation Or Fear

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Hi, I’m Alex Antoniazzi, ABCDT

Professional Dog Trainer And BrightDog Academy Founder

alex antoniazzi professional dog trainer

cert-300x232-300x232 Every dog owner should be able to have access to high quality, up to date dog training information.

Just because you can’t afford an expensive class or private trainer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to get the help you need to train your dog!

And that is why I created BrightDog Academy.

I want to give every single dog owner out there a place that they can learn the most effective way to train their dog, with methods that are science based and proven to work, and with out needing to pay expensive fees.

After 10 years of dog training, I have put every last bit of my knowledge and experience  into this training course to provide dog owners with high quality information that anyone can get access to.

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  • What “Care Based Dog Training” is all about…
  • The truth about OUTDATED training tools such as clickers, shock collars, and choke chains…
  • Why you DON’T need to be your dogs “Pack Leader” or the “Alpha Male”
  • Why you are wasting your time trying to dominate your dog and how it can actually cause tremendous amounts of harm…
  • The truth about 3 common myths such as walking ahead of your dog, eating before your dog, and furniture rules…
  • PLUS the custom training plan that I teach all my clients to make training their dog simple

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