Feeding your dog (Part 1)


Most feeding routines that I see with people and there dogs goes something like this. * Human grabs the dog bowl and puts in food * Human tells the dog to stay as the put down food * Once the food has been down for a few seconds, human tells the dog “Ok” and the…

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Forget Walking Your Dog, Go for a Hike!

hiking dog

One dog training tip that I always tell people is to keep in mind how your dogs physical activity affects their behavior. Every day you wake up, eat your breakfast, and then go for your morning walk. You have your route already picked out, and you walk it every day. You have walked this route…

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How Do You Play Catch With Your Dog?


Want To Teach Your Dog To Catch? Catch is a pretty fun game, for both the dog and the owner. Here are a few fun ways to play. 1. Start off with a ball and practice counting as you swing your arm. 3, 2, 1 and on 1 throw the ball every time. After a…

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