How To Use Care Based Dog Training Techniques To Help Your Dog Become An Obedient, Loyal, Loving Companion!

memaxFrom: Alex Antoniazzi, ABCDT, Professional Dog Trainer And Coach

Subject: BrightDog Academy - The First And Only Compassion Based Dog Training Program That Solves The Core Issues!

Dear Dog Owner,

"Dogs react physiologically to stress and fear the same way people do. With aggression."
--International studies of animal behavioral response

Aggressive compliance based training techniques, such as shock collars, choke chains, and "Pack Leader Training" are ripping apart two legged and four-legged family members all across the country.

There's a better way!

I'm here to show you a new school of thought based on the same care based methods we humans use to train our own offspring to be their very best (dogs are not so different from us, as you will learn).

YES, it IS possible to:

  • Get unruly, even downright mean dogs to settle down with a soft touch and a gentle smile – WHEN you use the right techniques.

  • Train without training. Instead, becoming the loving partner and guide that your dog wants you to be in order to build a bond and connection with you as if you were mother or father, brother or sister.

Former President Of The AVSAB Speaks Out About BrightDog Academy's Methods

There are too many sites and trainers who propose the dominance theory in training and the more voices we get that espouse the truth about canine behavior, the better off our pets will be. Alex’s theories, as presented here, represent how dogs actually learn and help refute punishment based approaches.

Dr. John Ciribassi, DVM, DACVB Former PRESIDENT Of The American Veterinary Society Of Animal Behavior

Science Proves The Lessons You've Been Taught Are WRONG

  • FACT:

    A May 2009 issue of the Journal of Veterinary Behavior highlighted a study that indicated human attempts to assert dominance over dogs tend to increase canine aggression in return.


    Researchers from the University of Bristol studied dogs in a shelter for six months, observing that they acted MORE aggressively, not less, when aggressive compliance-based techniques were used to train them.


    In another more recent study, 25% of dog owners using confrontational training techniques including shock collars and verbal reprimands reported aggressive responses from their dogs.

  • STUDY:

    Meghan Herron, veterinarian at Ohio State University and lead author of the study published in Applied Animal Behavior Science stated “These dogs are acting aggressively as a response to FEAR.”

Stress And Fear Are The Main Culprits Of Bad Behavior

Are you suffering from bad behavior from your dog? Maybe you've experienced some of the following negative behaviors:

  • Obnoxious Barking: At passerby’s, during walks, outside your car window, any and all nighttime noises.

  • Unprovoked Aggression: Towards other dogs, provocative strangers, sometimes even the TV!

  • Uncontrolled Behavior: Pulling on the leash, jumping on you and others, running away, tail chasing, hyperactivity.

  • Lack of Discipline: Running away from loud sounds, submissive urination, unique and unexplained obsessive behaviors, poop eating, ignoring basic commands.

Don't settle for your dogs bad behavior. No matter how out of control your dog may be, please be aware, there is a permanent solution available, and it's on this page!

Dogs Do NOT Consciously Control
Their Fear Response

Disobedient canine behavior is a direct result of adaptation under conditions of fear and stress.isolated-scared-dog

Remember the very first line I quoted: "Dogs reacts physiologically to stress and fear the same way people do, with aggression."

These findings came out of two studies in Japan and Hungary, both showing that concentrations of the stress hormone cortisol increased in dogs that were strictly disciplined.

This tells us that it's not purely a mental problem. When you discipline a dog harshly, its body physically responds to protect them against a threat!

Further, an Irish study published in Applied Animal Behavior Science found that physically or verbally reprimanding a dog with a history of biting people was one of the best predictors of yet another future biting incident.

So if you wouldn't do it to a person, please don't do it to a dog. We're both mammals with stress hormones that trigger when provoked. You and your furry four-legged friend are not as different as you look!

So if you shouldn't inflict additional consequences to your dog for the same reasons you shouldn't smack your children around…. well, what is the proper way to teach them?

Why, with love and affection of course :-)

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

Hi, my name is Alex with me Several years ago I graduated from the Animal Behavioral College, a specialist training school in sunny Northridge, California.

What I learned during my years at ABC fundamentally shifted my perspective on how we SHOULD be treating animals that are just NOT being done.

The current culture is to blame. Fortunately with better training tools, this can be changed.

You see, there's this human tendency to think of dogs as less. Because they're "just animals" right? Not as smart at us? Not as tall as us?

I know you and I don't believe that! We love our animals.

But unfortunately this is the common wisdom, and it reflects in the compliance base training methods that we've spent the last 100 years diligently removing from our own educational system.

certAnimal Behavioral College is one of the few animal focused colleges that is truly up-to-date with the latest in animal science. And from this background, it has built a powerful methodology for helping pet owners build lasting bonds between humans and animals.

This methodology uses what I refer to as a "Care Based Approach" that literally gives dogs the same love, care, and affection that we enjoy from our peers on the path to betterment in our own lives.

I'm not alone in care based training. Working in this industry for many years, I can tell you that the rest of the training industry is headed this way. Unfortunately progress is slow and for the most part, harmful compliance training still dominates the landscape.

Care Based Dog Training Follows A Few Simple
High-Level Rules

  • 1

    Dogs aren't so different than us.

    They don't like to be hit, they don't like to be scolded. And for the very same reasons we don't do it to ourselves or our children, we don't do it to dogs. Not to mention science has proven those methods to be ineffective.

  • 2

    Care based techniques focus on understanding your dogs behavior first.

    Once you understand the cause of your dogs behavior, changing that behavior becomes a piece of cake.

If this seems simple, that’s because it is. These are dogs we’re talking about, not robots!

The Real Secret To Training A Dog For Long-Term Success

iStock_000006719445SmallWhat if I told you the real secret to training your dog was excellent people skills?

Sounds crazy, right? But based on what you know at this point -- that dogs hate pain and run towards pleasure just as much as humans do -- it makes a lot of sense!

The vast majority of pet owners I've known are just stellar people in general, so caring and loving of not only pets but their human relationships as well.

And so I already know that just by being on this page, you probably have a sense of care and compassion for others that will make training your dog virtually effortless, once you adopt a few certain techniques to translate your human behaviors to ones that dogs understand…

How The System Has Evolved

As top performer during my time at the Animal Behavioral College, my deep love of dogs made it easy for me to spend the majority of my waking hours studying these beautiful creatures.

Years later I've developed a deep understanding of dogs not only at the behavioral level – as most trainers understand them – but also psychologically: how they think, feel, and indeed develop connections and sense of love towards humans.


This understanding has helped shape my approach into one of compassion and care. The thousands of dogs I've worked with have responded to these care based training methods. You can see it in their eyes, as they stare lovingly at their owners.

And although they can't say "thank you for making me the very best I can be" their steadfast loyalty and unwavering obedience tells the story on its own…

BrightDog Academy - The First And Only
Compassion Based Dog Training Program
That Truly SOLVES the CORE Issues

Dogs are like people and respond similarly. Be aggressive to them and they'll show aggression back wherever they can. By now I hope I've burned this basic guideline into memory.

I mention this because the core philosophy that you will find in Bright Dog Academy – that you will not find in any other dog training program – is one of respect. BrightDog Academy uses care, compassion, and love to train. Nothing else.

This training program is meant for people who:

  • Want their dogs to become loyal, obedient family members.
  • Want their dog to feel the highest self-esteem and joy that they can throughout their lives.
  • Want to look in their dogs eyes and see pure, innocent love looking back.

Here Is What You Will Recieve In BrightDog Academy

  • Step-By-Step, "No Stone Left Unturned" High Definition Training Videos

    Learn how you can get your dog to behave in any way under virtually any situation with ease regardless of age or breed.

  • PDF Guides That Help Your Dog Progress Every Step Of The Way

    Nothing shows fluid training motions quite like my videos. The PDF guides are the perfect supplement for zooming in on key areas of the training process.

    They also make excellent spaces for notes which you can come back to and refocus on, as needed.

  • Cloud-Based Membership Area Allowing You To Access Your Training Guides From Anywhere

    Access it on your laptop or desktop PC or Mac. Or when you’re out and about, on any Internet enabled mobile device.

  • Ask an industry-leading dog trainer 24/7

    Our special “Ask Alex” forum allows you to ask any and every question you have about training your beloved dog.

    Professional dog trainers charge $100 per hour and up. Considering how much it costs to get professional pet advice, “Ask Alex” is worth the admission price to Bright Dog Academy on its own.

  • A Truly Immersive Learning Experience

    Once a week dog training classes can make it hard to train your dog properly, after you’ve left the classroom and no longer have the trainer by your side to coach you along.

    Because BrightDog Academy uses online technology to bring our videos and text guides to your fingertips, you train correctly every time since the trainer is right there alongside you, whispering in your ear.

How Customers Make Real Changes With BrightDog Academy

Sometimes you want to sit down and have a serious yet leisurely review of proper dog training principles.

Other times your dog's practically jumping off his leash -- and you need a quick answer NOW!

I've designed my entire training library to accommodate you, whether you're in leisurely study mode, or "need an immediate answer" right away. The course format is extremely flexible.

Just be sure to keep your phone with you and my training will always be just a few screen touches away.

BrightDog Academy Students Speak Out

"This course has completely turned life around..."

"All of my dogs problems quickly went away..."

Alex is amazing! My 8 month old puppy is afraid of everything and he really helped us deal with his fear. He is extremely knowledgeable and patient which is key when dealing with dogs and people. We would definitely use him again.

Joanna Pak

Alex was great to work with. He was so helpful at assisting us in getting a better understanding of how to work with some of the issues we were having with our dogs, and gave us some great practical advice and guidance.

Marianne Friebel

Alex Antoniazzi is very professional. Right on time, excellent advice on up-to-date dog training methods. He was able to assess our dog quickly followed by helpful remedies to change our dog's behavior. We will be contacting him again.

Kristen Herro

Alex is VERY helpful, patient, has a great understanding of dogs and their behaviors and is such a pleasant trainer to work with. I truly appreciate his guidance and will be calling him again when I need more assistance and tips!

Praneet Kailey

Alex did a great job with my wife and I on listening to our dog issues, analyzing the circumstances and making easy to follow recommendations to train our dog appropriately. Time will tell if his guidance works, but I think it will to his credit.

Marshall Leisten

"The methods work better than anything you see on YouTube..."

"I can already see a difference in my dogs behavior..."

Alex is the next Dog Whisperer as far as I'm concerned. His suggestions have succeeded in house-breaking my 8 year-old dachshund. Alex is very practical and professional.

Sharon Adams

Very personable. I was amazed how he handled my dog. Thought my dog was hopeless but Alex showed us otherwise.

Mariko Mendoza

Alex is very knowledgeable, patient and explains dog behavior and reactions very clearly. Learned A LOT and started putting his advice to use right away.

Linda Alles

Take A Video Tour Inside Of The Members Area

The Six Core Pillars Of Effective Dog Training

My training program is broken into 6 distinct training modules meant for accessibility and quick reference.

Each of these video sections constitutes a “pillar” of proper care based training. If you work your way through the pillars, and practice them with your dog, you will give him or her the gift of high self-esteem and love, all while allowing him to follow your every word with appreciation and admiration.

Pillar 1:
Care Based Training Explained

  • Just as you build a house on a strong foundation, Section 1 will build your foundation in care based training principles
  • We will also cover basic concepts such as The Two Second Rule, Reinforcing and Ignoring Behaviors, Tone of Voice, and more

Current video library count: 24
Value:  $600 (Equivalent to 6 hours worth of one-on-one training)

Pillar 2:
Behavior Problems

  • From barking to jumping, aggression and pulling on the leash, you will learn a softer and gentler approach for coaxing your beloved canine into behaving appropriately
  • Virtually ALL behavioral issues common to dogs are addressed in this section

Current video library count: 25
Value:  $625 (Equivalent to 6.25 hours of one-on-one training)

Pillar 3:
Health Issues

  • Explore the connection between your dog’s health and behavioral issues
  • Learn new, unconventional strategies for reversing health ailments to help improve behaviors at the same time
  • House training: How to do it in a way your dog will actually enjoy
  • Nail growth, grooming, and other “under the radar” factors are discussed in detail

Current video library count: 9
Value:  $225 (Equivalent to 2.25 hours of one-on-one training)

Pillar 4:
Training Commands

  • A fresh new approach on using commands to communicate between human and dog
  • Basic commands that can turn unruly dogs into well behaved house pets in days
  • Advanced commands for more skillful canine behaviors and complex interactions
  • Anti-distraction training techniques that encourage compliance at any distraction level

Current video library count: 62
Value:  $1,550 (Equivalent to 15.5 hours of one-on-one training)

Pillar 5:
Roundout Training

  • Positive usage of leashes and collars and other equipment
  • Safely approaching dogs in a manner that will avoid provocations
  • Bringing second and third pets into the family safely
  • Many other training videos for special and unique circumstances

Current video library count: 13
Value:  $300 (Equivalent to 3 hours of one-on-one training)

Pillar 6:
24/7 “Ask Alex”

  • To take your dog to the highest and best level of discipline and care, Alex answers all questions through his online 24 hour forum.
  • All responses come directly from Alex and are personalized to your exact situation.
  • I'm just a hop, skip, and a jump away on the forum. This is the easiest way to work with me one on one.

Value:  $497 to 1,000+ (You decide how many hours to engage Alex!)

I Have Some Amazing  Members Area Bonuses Included As Well!

Bonus #1:
PDF Library

  • Videos are excellent for training. The PDF guides are excellent for reference
  • Many owners use these guides as notes, jotting down any trouble spots they encounter with their canine for later correction

Current PDF library count: 20
Value:  $500 (Most one-on-one trainers do not provide these)

Bonus #2:
Care Training "Recommended Products"

  • Learn which products allow dogs become their very best through care and compassion based training
  • Alex provides reviews, tips and advice, on a variety of products from collars to brushes, food to clothin

Value: $197 (most one-on-one trainers do not provide this)

Bonus #3:
Special Video Requests

  • Have a burning idea fit for a new training video or PDF? Ask Alex and it just might be featured on our website for free!
  • Alex accepts video requests from students of the Academy, and constantly updates the website with new videos, each and every month

Value: $100 per video

What Does The Research Say About The Principles Employed In BrightDog Academy's Care Based Dog Training?

We’re one of the few that follows the research. Sadly I can count on my hand the amount of dog training programs that can make that claim, updating based on what the studies show.

Most are simply too ingrained in old habits of the past.

Just so you know what the science says, here are a few recent papers that support the BrightDog care based training approach:



    A study published in Applied Animal Behavior Science found that positive training methods resulted in better performance than punishment based approaches for Belgian military dog handlers.


    A recent paper published from researchers at the University of Bristol compared the effectiveness of positive and punitive training methods.

    Dogs became much more obedient the more they were trained using rewards. The dogs who were punished showed an INCREASING number of bad behaviors.

  • FACT:

    Another study found that positive reinforcement led to the lowest scores for fear and attention seeking behaviors. In other words, dogs who were well trained in positive manners had higher levels of self-esteem, not often a concept we talk about with our canine friends.

But as I keep reiterating, they're more like you and I then we give them credit for.

Sorry Cesar Milan, the science has spoken: positive reinforcement wins out EVERY time over negative/disciplinary training tactics.

Train Your Dog Using The Very Latest In Care Based Practices For A Fraction Of The Cost Of A Professional

dog-trainingProfessional dog trainers worth their salt charge a pretty hefty hourly rate, about $100 per hour on average. I should know, I'm one of them :-)

You want to know a secret? You don't need us.

Not if you have good training yourself. There is no magic in what we do, no personality trait that separates "dog trainers" from "regular folks" other than perhaps a genuine desire to help animals become their best.

In speaking with many of my colleagues at the Animal Behavioral College, we sometimes recollect on our past. Dog physiology class, behavioral theory practice session, and other theoretical classes that were certainly interesting….

But the bottom line is that the things we USE most came from the field training classes.

And that's exactly what you're getting in Bright Dog Academy. I kick out the fluff, keep the practical, usable knowledge:

  • With over 150 videos (and growing) plus PDF guides covering every aspect of training your dog…
  • From teaching how to sit, to getting them ready for a walk, to calming him down for guests…
  • There is NO training aspect not covered in my course…
  • And every question you have along the way gets answered by me personally!

So yes, you could take your dog to a professional and be charged $100 per hour. Expect a minimum commitment of 4 hours per month, and you're looking at $400 a month in training fees.

And even THAT is cheap compared to a Training Academy, let's not even talk about the prohibitive fees at those institutions. You'll wonder if your dog transformed into a university-goer!

But you're not paying thousands of dollars at the BrightDog Academy.

You're not even HALF the cost of a $400 personal training program from a local professional.

BrightDog Academy Is Yours For Just $37 Per Month!

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I love the look on fellow dog owner’s faces when I give them the good news. We live in wonderful times where I can train more people than any room could fill thanks to the power of the Internet.

And that's why I'm able to charge such a small fee for such a vast, comprehensive training program.

By The Way, There's No Contract

Use my training tools for as little or as long as you'd like! Feel free to join and leave the BrightDog Academy whenever you please. I like that level of flexibility myself, so I offer the same to the people I serve 😉

And the Academy only gets bigger and better every month, as I continue to release new videos and answer member questions on the forum.

Your Dog Will Have A
Natural Level Of Respect, Love, And Obedience In Four Weeks Flat- Or Your Full Money Back

Hundreds of dog owners have already experienced a better, care based approach to training in BrightDog Academy. I'd like you to experience the same without any concern at all.


So here's my guarantee to you – in just four short weeks, your dog will be trained to listen and obey, without coming from a place of fear of consequences or discipline. No, he'll be both obedient AND high esteem.

Try to find another training program that offers THAT.

If for any reason whatsoever your dog doesn't meet these lofty goals of obedience and high esteem, I going to take full responsibility for it. I understand there are some dogs with issues that can only be dealt with at the veterinarian, and there are other special circumstances as well.

So if you don't see the results you're after, please send me an email to request your full money back within 60 days of your order. I'll be glad to issue your refund with no questions asked.

Questions And Answers

  • What exactly will I be getting access to as a member?

    The full training library: With over 150 training videos and PDF guides on every command and situation you can imagine, and new materials being added on a regular basis, this is the most comprehensive care based training available today.

    Direct access to Alex Antoniazzi, dog expert, coach, and professional dog trainer: Ask me any question you have and I’ll supply a detailed answer that’ll put you on the right track. The forum is on my phone and I’m a habitual checker.

    Normally my private one on one training sessions costs $497 an hour. So direct access to me more than pays for the membership itself, especially when your dog is clawing on the couch :-)

  • Why is your training approach better than others?

    Because most other training approaches focus on outdated and harmful theories focused around disciplinary measures, so-called “compliance-based training.”

    In recent years these have been dis-proven by study after study as ineffective and sometimes encouraging the very bad behaviors they are trying to prevent!

    BrightDog Academy uses scientifically proven care based training techniques designed to build a dog’s self-esteem and at the same time, see you as a loving owner and family member. Our techniques are proven as training aids and bond builders. That’s our difference.

  • I'm on the fence about signing up...

    Then keep our customer service email handy, and don’t hold back if you have something to say.

    I offer a generous 60 day money back guarantee in which I will refund every cent if you’re not fully content with the program and the results it delivers for your dog.

    I do this because I want you to try out my program and see the results without any risk. I hope you’ll take me up on my offer so you can see the results firsthand.

    Remember, you have literally nothing to lose! If for any reasons you aren’t satisfied I will refund you 100% no questions asked.

Case Study: From Unruly Puppy To BrightDog Academy Graduate


BrightDog Academy Graduates Beverly Cheso And Milly

Beverly Cheso of San Mateo California had a puppy named Milly. The cute little girl had the most adorable button nose you've ever seen, but an aggressive and hyperactive streak.

"It was literally driving me crazy at times. The little yap would bark at any movement, any sound from midnight to dawn. No matter what I tried to do, we just couldn't keep her quiet!

And then one day, my neighbor, normally a really patient, kindhearted, sweet old lady, started to complain. I knew it was only a matter of time before I would have the city at my door, issuing fines or possibly even taking my beloved Milly away from me…"

So Beverly did what many would do in such a circumstance: she went online.

After reading through some reviews and finding BrightDog Academy, she signed up not fully knowing what to expect.

The welcome email arrived shortly thereafter, along with detailed instructions for how to access the full training and discussion forum. She jumped right into the program from day one and hasn't looked back.

Through a combination of:

  • Following the step-by-step video guides and…
  • Asking questions on the forum

Beverly was FINALLY able to get her puppy under control!

Now as an adult, Milly is the envy of the entire pet community at the local neighborhood park. You'll never hear so much as a soft growl from her during the nighttime, not a sound.

And most of all, the fearlessly loving look in her eyes every time she greets Beverly at the door… is what truly told Beverly that BrightDog Academy training was the very best that money could buy.

PS: A Final Note From Alex

puppybowIf you took away my years of professional dog training and experience helping thousands of dog owners with their beloved four-legged friends – if you took that all away – dogs would still respect and obey me.

You know why?

Because I care about them. I respect them back. And to be quite honest – I love them as much as I love people. Sometimes perhaps even more.

If you take nothing else away from the Bright Dog Academy, let it be that starting with a foundation of genuine love for your animal will do more than any trick or tactic from a little black book.

BrightDog Academy's extensive library of step-by-step trainings along with our Q&A discussions on the forum simply gives you the "artist's fine brush" to sculpt your dog's behavior in just the right ways.

When you have both the foundation AND the fine details in place, big changes start to happen. Your dog stops fearing you and starts listening – even when you're not in the same room.

Likewise, you as the owner never feel any guilt yourself. You know why? Because you're not using harsh disciplinary techniques that make your own hair stand up on edge! Harsh training methods cut both ways, and frankly help no one…

Bright Dog's care based training approach is a kinder, gentler, more effective way to train dogs. That's why hundreds of loving dog owners have turned to Bright Dog Academy for the best dog training that money can buy.

To You And Your Dogs Happiness,

-Alex Antoniazzi, ABCDT

Professional Dog Trainer & Coach
Founder, BrightDog Academy