Inside This 231 Page Dog Training Ebook:
How To Use Care Based Dog Training Techniques To Help Your Dog Become An Obedient, Loyal, Loving Companion!

BrightDog Academy’s care based training approach is a kinder, gentler, more effective way to train dogs.

That’s why thousands of loving dog owners have turned to BrightDog Academy for the best dog training that money can buy.

Inside this ebook you’ll learn a new school of thought based on the same care based methods we humans use to train our own offspring to be their very best.

YES, it IS possible to:

• Get unruly, even downright mean dogs to settle down with a soft touch and a gentle smile – WHEN you use the right techniques

• Train without training. Instead, becoming the loving partner and guide that your dog wants you to be in order to build a bond and connection with you as if you were mother or father.

Why Is The BrightDog Academy Dog Training Approach Better Than Others?

Because most other training approaches focus on outdated and harmful theories focused around disciplinary measures, so-called “compliance-based training.”

In recent years these have been disproven by study after study as ineffective and sometimes encouraging the very bad behaviors they are trying to prevent!

Just so you know what the science says, here are a few recent papers that support the BrightDog Academy care based training approach:


Researchers from the University of Bristol in the UK studied dogs in a shelter for six months, observing that they acted MORE aggressively, not less, when aggressive compliance-based techniques were used to train them.


A study published in Applied Animal Behavior Science found that positive training methods resulted in better performance than punishment based approaches for Belgian military dog handlers.


A May 2009 issue of the Journal of Veterinary Behavior highlighted a study that indicated human attempts to assert dominance over dogs tend to increase canine aggression in return.


In another more recent study, 25% of dog owners using confrontational training techniques including choke chains, shock collars, and verbal reprimands reported aggressive responses from their dogs.

BrightDog Academy uses scientifically proven care based training techniques designed to build a dog’s self-esteem, obedience, and at the same time see you as a loving owner and family member.

My techniques are proven as training aids and bond builders. That’s my difference.

Sorry Cesar Milan, the science has spoken: positive reinforcement wins out EVERY time over negative/disciplinary training tactics.

About The BrightDog Academy Dog Training YouTube Channel

Are you familiar with the BrightDog Academy YouTube Channel? If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet you should DEFINETLY go take a look. If you want the QUICKEST results possible, you’ll want to combine this ebook with the 150+ free videos on my channel for the best results.

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The Training Philosphy Of BrightDog Academy Dog Training Is Veterinairan Recommended!

“There are too many sites and trainers who propose the dominance theory in training and the more voices we get to espouse the truth about canine behavior, the better off our pets will be.

Alex’s theories, as presented here, represent how dogs actually learn and help refute punishment based approaches.”

Dr. John Ciribassi, DVM, DACVB

Former President of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB)

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The First Half Of This 231 Page Dog Training Ebook Is All About Understanding How Your Dog Thinks And Learning How To Change His Behavior.


"Care Based" Dog Training

Learn what care based dog training is all about and how you can start using the techniques with your dog.


Dangers of Choke Chains

Learn why choke chains and prong collars are so dangerous and why I never use them.


The Truth About Shock Collars

Shock collars or e-collars are an abusive and outdated device. Learn more about what makes them so bad.


Separation Anxiety

If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety the good news is there are many ways to stop that problem.


Children And Dogs

Keeping kids safe around dogs is a topic that must be taken very serious. This will teach you how.


Destructive Chewing

Put a stop to your dog’s annoying destructive chewing with a few very simple tricks.


House Training

House training is SO simple once you know what to do. Your dog will never have an accident again after this!


Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs are a very special type of dog that help many people every day.


Service Dogs

Learn about the different types of service dogs and the jobs they carry out.



If you are going to board your dog or have them stay at a pet sitter’s house here’s how to prepare them.


Dog Aggression Ladder

Dogs do not bite or turn aggressive for no reason! Learn the warning signs that lead to a dog bite.


Puppy Do's And Don'ts

If you have a new puppy then this section will help you get your puppy’s training started off on the right foot.


Common Dog Myths

There are many dog training myths floating around and in this section I will debunk them all.


Dog Psychology

Learn how dogs think and how you can use some basic psychology to change your dog’s behavior.


Pack Leader Myth

Learn why you DON’T need to be your dog’s pack leader and what actually will change your dog’s behavior.


Training Rescue Dogs

Learn how to handle the very common issues that many rescue dogs have.



Socialization is one of the most important parts of dog training. Do it wrong and your dog is scarred for life!


Puppy Biting

Those sharp little puppy teeth server a very important purpose! Learn how to handle puppy biting in this section.


Training Older Dogs

Training senior dogs requires a different approach which you will learn in this section.


Loose Leash Walking

If your dog pulls on the leash and drags you down the street,  you’ll want to learn the secret to stoping them.


Car Sickness

If your dog gets sick in the car there are quite a few different things you can do to help them.


Firework Anxieties

Make the next 4th of July stress free for your dog when you learn how to keep them relaxed around fireworks.


Dog Parks

Learn how to stay safe at dog parks, what you should be doing, and what to avoid at all costs.


64 Dog Training Tips And Tricks

A HUGE list of tips and tricks that I have compiled over the past 10 years


Dog Muzzles

Muzzles can be a very useful tool when used right, but deadly if used wrong. Learn the safe way to use a muzzle.



Find out my view on using clickers for training and why I personally never recommend their use.

The Second Half Of This Dog Training Ebook Will Focus On Maximizing Your Dog’s Lifespan By Zeroing In On Health Related Issues That Influence Behavior.


Determining Dog Sickness

Learn the signs you should be looking for that determines whether your dog is healthy or sick.


Toxic Plants

It’s hard to believe just how many plants exsist that are toxic to dogs. Learn about them all in the section.


Creating A Dog First Aid Kit

You should never go anywhere with your dog unless you have a first aid kit prepared. Learn what to include here.



A very deadly disease that is almost always fatal. Learn the signs of Parvo before it’s to late.



As dogs age arthritis starts to develop. You must follow special rules when dealing with a dog who has arthritis.



Is your dog at risk for heartworm? Most likely the answer is yes. Learn all about prevention and treatment here.


Diseases Dogs Can Spread To Humans

That’s right, dogs can carry diseases that they can transmit to humans. Keep yourself safe with with info.



Rabies are another very deadly disease. Learn why it’s so deadly and what you can do to prevent it.



There are so many vaccinations available for dogs it can be very confusing. Here is my complete guide to them all.



Blood sucking ticks have to be stopped! Learn how to prevent them and what to do if you find any ticks.


Dangerous Weather

Weather can pose a very big risk to our dog’s health. Learn about what type of weather is safe for dogs.


Choosing A Breeder

Learn about what types of breeders you should buy dogs from and what types you should avoid at all costs.


Toxic Foods

This section will give you a list of all the foods that are toxic to dogs so you know what to avoid feeding.


Dogs With Allergenic Conditions

Food allergies and many others are quite common amongst dogs and knowing how to handle them is key.


Ear Infections

Did you know that ear infections are a common reason for a dog’s bad behavior? Find out how to detect the issue.


Depression In Dogs

Dogs can suffer from depression just like humans. Learn the signs and what you can do to help your dog.


Doggie Diarrhea

Nothing is worse then a dog with an upset stomach. Learn what causes the issue and how to fix it.


Reducing Shedding

Yes, you can reduce shedding! There are many different tricks to try and I’ll teach you all of them.



Mange is an awful condition for dogs to suffer with. Learn about the cause and treatment for mange here.


Dog Vision

Most people think dogs only see black and white but you’ll learn the truth in this section.



More commonly referred to as kennel cough, this can be prevented and treated should your dog catch it.



It’s bad when dogs get fleas and even worse when they spread to humans. Here is how to handle fleas.


Pet Store Dogs

Pet store dogs may appear cute but there is a dark secret about them. Learn why you should never buy one here.


Feeding Dogs

Learn how to feed your dog correctly including how much food, what kind of food, and how to change their diet.

Hi, I’m Professional Dog Trainer Alex Antoniazzi, ABCDT

Alex Antoniazzi, ABCDT

Alex Antoniazzi, ABCDT

Founder of BrightDog Academy

I’ve been working with dog owners for the past 10 years teaching them the best and easiest ways to train their dogs.

After graduating from Animal Behavior College and growing my local dog training business, I decided to take all the knowledge and experience I’d aquired over the years and format it in a way that I could share it with as many dog owners as possible.

And that’s when BrightDog Academy was born.

With over 150 videos on my YouTube channel plus this HUGE ebook, I’m able to share my knowledge with dog owners all over the globe and teach them the best way to train their dog.

Train Your Dog Using The Very Latest In Care Based Practices For A Fraction Of The Cost Of A Professional.

Professional dog trainers worth their salt charge a pretty hefty hourly rate, about $100 per hour on average. I should know, I’m one of them.

You want to know a secret? You really don’t need us.

Not if you have good training yourself. There’s no magic in what we do, no personality trait that separates “dog trainers” from “regular folks” other than perhaps a genuine desire to help animals become their best.

I’ve spent the past 10 years training dogs (and their owners)  and now I’ve taken all that experience and knowledge and created an ebook that will teach you the EXACT information I would give to you if we were to work together in person.

So yes, you could take your dog to a professional and be charged $100 per hour. Expect a minimum commitment of 6 hours per month, and you’re looking at $600 a month in training fees.

And even THAT is cheap compared to a board and train service.

Or you can get access to the exact same information on your own and get BETTER results with your dog for just $19.99.

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